Are you masculine or feminine?

Heaven forbid you should be neither, either, or anything else.

These binaries are strong. Pushed on us from birth. Film and television have been at the forefront of this propaganda for the past, lets say, 100 years?

‘The Mode, The Conflict and The Rejection’ forces the audience to see a literal split of the masculine and the feminine and those caught in between as the ‘other’.

Two screens show short, sharp clips – montaging scenes from the digital world that are shoveling these ideas onto us, with a live physical performance in the middle of these, as I endeavor to fight, morph and change who I am being made to be. This was a collaborative performance with fellow artist Ant Lightfoot, who interprets a being who has confined himself to these ideas – attempting to enforce them onto me.

This is only a short 5 minute performance – and the two projected videos stand alone as work individually.


Full Performance!

Masculine or Feminine?


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