‘A Symphony of Horror’ watch herevlcsnap-2015-12-27-14h54m23s068

‘A Symphony of Horror’ is an experiment is merging spoken word with moving image. The video takes a journey through some of the most iconic films in horror since (and including) the first moving image on 1895. The video helps compliment the poetry, as well as illustrate the rhythm and pace of the words. I have a fascination for mixing different art forms together and seeing what can be created, so expect to see more of this style!

‘Projected Madness’  watch herePsycho

‘Projected Madness’, based on the Hypersurface technique, was the concept of taking iconic moving images from film and projected the specific image onto a plain ‘live’ version of itself. Above is the infamous shot from ‘Psycho’, in which the camera slowly zooms and rotates away from Janet Leighs’ face, it was then projected onto a carefully placed mask – to begin with we just see her eye filling the mask, but as we pan out her face begins to fill and eventually perfectly fit the mask. It creates a very intriguing effect, that blurs the boundaries of the prerecorded and the live.

The ultimate idea of this would be to replicate the infamous motel, having small installation set-ups (like the mask) for people to go and experience.

‘Movements In Space’ watch hereMovements

Movements in space was a small, experimental film/live art performance. Adapting my body in slight ways to fit the architecture around me and become one with the building I was in. We have strong associations with buildings and what we expect to see inside – the video aims to explore our cultural ideas of what this canteen is and how it should be used, as well as it’s shape.


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